Student Trainee Exchange Programme

STEP it up and take part in a Student Trainee Exchange Programme !

STEP gives members of The European Law Students’ Association the opportunity to do a legal internship in one of the 168 European law firms participating in the programme. The internship has a duration that varies between 2 weeks and several months. The programme allows students to learn more about a new culture in addition to put into practice legal knowledge in a new field. This cycle, 30 European countries, including the United States and Latin American countries, are participating in the programme.

This year, ELSA Switzerland is proud to announce that AGON Partners and LEXR will welcome one trainee during Spring-Summer 2021 and one during Summer-Fall 2021.

VP STEP of ELSA Switzerland: Laszlo Csonka 


‘’AGON Partners is a great law firm, that gives you an opportunity to get to know everything from the first hand. I had a lot of responsibilities, that also included a direct contact with Mandates and writing a legal memoranda for the clients. The team work is great there, everyone tried to help me, if I had some questions. We also had an AGON Goodies every three weeks (an intern event for develop ping your skills) and AGON lunch. Long story short, they really appreciate everyone there, and it doesn't matter if you are only a trainee, substitute or a lawyer.’’
Aigerim Safiullina
STEP Trainee at AGON Partners, 
STEP Traineeship Provider of ELSA Switzerland
‘‘While I was a member of a local ELSA group, I heard about the STEP project and immediately took the opportunity to apply! I spent 7 weeks in a law firm in Germany in which I could get familiar with a foreign legal system, improve my language skills and for sure assist the lawyers in their daily work. I am convinced that this experience was a great addition to my CV and helped me to secure other job opportunities afterwards. It was also a real human experience as you get to know another city and meet people with different backgrounds. Don't hesitate to take the plunge, try your luck and apply!’’
Laszlo Csonka
STEP Trainee at a law firm in Germany


  • What is STEP? 

STEP, the Student Trainee Exchange Programme, offers law students and graduates with legal work opportunities in different jurisdictions, in many cities, at various types of organisations. The STEP Traineeships are paid and coupled with the reception whereby the STEP Trainees are welcomed to the country and the city by ELSA.


  • Who can participate?

Law students, graduates and young lawyers who are currently members of ELSA. If you are not, you can become a member of ELSA at any time by contacting the local group at your university!


  • What requirements do I have to fulfil?

 Specific requirements are advertised for each traineeship position, relating to legal knowledge, language and academic achievement. These requirements must be met in full in order for the application to be forwarded. The requirements are different for each position, so there is a traineeship for everyone, even if you are still at the beginning of your education!


  • What are the advantages of a traineeship abroad?

You can gain practical experience in a legal field of your choice, become familiar with the daily work of legal professionals, compare the legal system of your home country with foreign legal systems and improve your language skills.

Another advantage is the acquisition of precious work experience and new contacts within the legal community. In addition, you will get to know different cultures and make friendships through the contact with the local ELSA group. Finally, you will simply bring back unforgettable memories!

In addition to all this, ELSA International provides you with a certificate of participation in our programme. Your CV is thus strengthened with international work experience!


  • Where do the traineeships take place?

Internships take place in any area of law, e.g. in law firms, in-house legal departments, courts, governmental, non-governmental and international organisations. These internships take place mainly in European countries, but traineeships are also sometimes offered in other parts of the world!

  • What does it cost to join the programme?

Absolutely nothing! Participation in STEP is free of charge, you do not pay any fees to ELSA and ELSA does not earn any of your salary.


  • Are the traineeships paid?

Details on remuneration are specified individually for each placement. There are paid and unpaid internships. If the internship is unpaid, accommodation and/or food are usually provided.


  • Will there be interviews?

In some cases an interview may be arranged by the employer. You will be informed in advance by e-mail or telephone.


  • Who selects the trainees?

The employer selects the trainees. ELSA members are not involved in the selection process.