Thank you !

Our term as National Board 2019/2020 is coming to an end and we would like to express our gratitude towards the network.

This year has been as rich in experience as it has been challenging. Between Zurich and Constanta, we have had the opportunity to interact with many law students, both online in recent months and at national and international events. Many thanks to our partners for their support and of course to the local groups who did a great job throughout the year

We wish the new board all the best for the coming year !

The National Board of ELSA Switzerland 2019/2020.

Student Trainee Exchange Programme

It is now possible to apply to STEP until May 29 ! During the spring 2020 application period for STEP Traineeships, ELSA offers both “normal” on-site STEP Traineeship vacancies, which require physical presence throughout the Traineeship period, and online STEP Traineeship vacancies, which are done remotely from the Trainee’s home office.

National Board 2020/2021

We are delighted to announce that the board of ELSA Switzerland 2020/2021 has been elected ! The composition of the board is the following :

President : Suzan Candan

Secretary General : Basil Schaller 

Treasurer : Daniella Maron

VP Marketing : Michèle Stachowski

VP S&C : Dario Schönbächler

VP AA : Yuri van Steenwijk

VP STEP : Laszlo Csonka 

Happy Birthday ELSA !

Today, 4th of May 2020, marks the 39th birthday of ELSA ! In 1981, five law students from Austria, Hungary, Poland, and West Germany saw the need to promote international cooperation and mutual understanding among law students on both West and East Europe. ELSA was born and the first office was established in 1984.


If you are looking for an interesting website to visit during those challenging times you may be interested by the following : breaking.through, founded in 2018, publishes portraits of successful female legal professionals in personal interviews on its website. We aim to encourage young female lawyers to be ambitious and pursue the career of their dreams despite the oftentimes still fundamental lack of suitable role models. Since April 2020, breaking.through is now also established with its very own Swiss branch on

Lawyers @ work, Schellenberg Wittmer

On March 26 you will get the opportunity to visit Schellenberg Wittmer in Zurich and get an insight of a lawyers’ life.

The event will start at 16:15 and will be followed by an Apéro riche. 

We are looking forward to your registration, which can be done via this link :…/1FAIpQLScb6vicoXvfaJRPLW…/viewform

Please note that in case of too many registrations priority will be given to ELSA members.